Twelve faces of pain from the 2014 Winston-Salem Cycling Classic

The purpose of this small documentary project was to capture the facial expressions of a sample group of riders as reflected in their level of physical exertion.  We chose twelve, but one we photographed has a countenance that is complacent and poised — see if you can find her.

Athletes drew from the depths of their physical prowess (and cycling skills) to place and win, or even to finish.

Congratulations to all the competitive athletes who traveled from all over the world to ride in the 2014 Winston-Salem Cycling Classic.

Winston-Salem (NC) shooting location: corner of Cherry and Seventh Streets.  This location was chosen because of a turn at the end of a long 1/4 mile gentle descent (maximum speeds attained here) before negotiating a less-than-90 degree turn going into a moderate uphill.

Camera 1:  Nikon 300S with Nikon AF VR 80-400mm lens. f/5.6 at 400mm.  ISO=1600  Profoto 7b Powerpack with Profoto 7b Flash Head with B-3 balanced for exposure, radio triggered with Pocket Wizzard Plus-II
Camera 2:  Nikon 600 with Nikon AF-S 80-400mm lens.  f/4.5  at 400 mm.  ISO=1600.  Two Nikon SB-910 speed lights remotely triggered by with Pocket Wizzard AC 3 Zone Controller and Flex TT5 wireless platform.

Documentary photographers: Houck and K.B. Medford

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