They call me “The Corn Man” …

Larry Chamber’s family in Haywood County (NC) has been farming for years, and their farm (Chambers Farm Market) has some of the best bottom land in the county.  Local citizens patiently wait  for his first corn crop — which is displayed in an appealing produce market style on the back of his flat-bed farm truck at the “corn corner” of Lake Logan Road and U.S. 276 in the “up-river” Bethel community of Canton, NC.

“We are out here by 9, if we get it picked” is the mountain time reference for those who might be looking for the “Corn Man”.

From a casual observation, there are other chats than about corn which could include politics, religion, or the well or ill-being of local residents.

The gesture of both hands in the back hip pockets is a positive sign of a good conversation.

Larry Chambers_0117
Larry Chambers_0110
Larry Chambers_0111

Division of labor: the wife collects the money and the son sorts into one and two dozen (or more) paper bag counts

Larry Chambers: "The Corn Man"


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