The Second Coming ….

Their first care package only 7 days having arrived at Lees-McRae ....

When I went to school, I could carry everything that I owned in the trunk of my car; but my mother reminded me later that it took more than several car trunk fulls to get me home.

My wife and I celebrated to some small degree being a part of a new school arrival with the delivery a “care-package” to Katherine and Emily Shields … a duct-taped over-stuffed box and not one, but two new set of wheels — how many freshmen have a new sets of wheels, or for that matter, several new sets of wheels – to go to college?  If you are twins, most everything gets multiplied by two.

The official move-in was only a week ago.  I have already been asked by their dad … “how is your ironing?”

We celebrate this family which will be great friends of  Lees-McRae College.

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