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More Joy Welcomed in N.Y. Times Pictures of the Day

The N.Y. Times Pictures of the Day are a dependable source of inspiration for photographers.  They trend with the news which is currently resplendent with grief and pain from locations like the Ukraine, Iraq, and Ferguson, Missouri. The images have become repetitive with bombed out buildings, makeshift coffins carried by wailing families, and of soldiers being beaten or […]

A significant event and image from my life …

My mother was the only patient in the ICU of Haywood County Regional Medical Center on Wednesday evening, May 9, 2012.  The Unit was eerily quiet, absent of the usual beeping cadence of  monitors, and that of my mother’s – her monitor and I.V.’s disconnected a few hours before.  The sole light burning was the one over the nurses station which […]

A bidding war on a real cotton mom’s wedding dress …

When I was growing up, there was a box that I was never allowed to open.  I knew it to be my mom’s wedding dress and that was pretty much that … until now. My mom passed away in May of 2012, and her instructions to my sister and I in the last days of […]

A child of Jesus and Clemson University … and on Cameron, S.C.

In the low country of South Carolina, the rivalry between Clemson University and the University of South Carolina is played out daily in people’s lives, which may also include the church with it’s blessing.  In the small town of Cameron, S.C. there is a very strong sense of family and Christian values. My mother was […]