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No, I am not a winner … but you (an aspiring photographer) could be

I am not a winner, but an aspiring photographer who is trying to improve their game will be by spending time on this site. Lensculture and their judges, in announcing their winners – age 18 to 69 – explain in detail why they identified these photographer artists as “emerging talent”- what a bonus! Reviewing their comments and […]

Belews Lake Triathlon 2012 … selected images

Belews Lake International Triathlon Swim: Belews Lake is a very popular lake in the Winston-Salem / Greensboro area. It is a great lake to swim in – clear water with a sandy bottom. This is an in-water start with participants lining up at the boat launch. Waves and chop are light and water quality is […]

At Big Mama’s, you get more than great food … but also big heart!

Cynthia Bradger d.b.a. Big Mama’s Southern Cooking with Soul learned to stretch a dollar and a meal as an 11 year-old when she cooked for her family in Ft. Worth, Texas.  “It is just the way we had to do things back then in order to get by.” In high school, she was a flute […]

From behind the lens … a defining moment in musical performance

I would have probably never articulated this on my own except for an occasion of heightened awareness by photographing a recent performance by David Holt, Bryan Sutton, and T. Michael Coleman.  They have started a band called “Deep River Rising” to perpetuate the musical traditions of Doc Watson, so they are still in the “getting acquainted with each other” phase of discovery […]

Being a champion requires attention to detail …

Catherine (R) and Emily (L) Shields, twin sisters from Winston-Salem and teammates for Lees-McRae College cycling finish ONE and TWO respectfully in the North Carolina CycloCross Race Series in Greensboro on January 22.

My daughter wanted only two things for Christmas … a banjo … and a bullfrog

“We’re still working on that bullfrog …! Traditional music has been learned “knee-to-knee” and passed down from one generation to the next in the oral tradition –  one person teaching the next.  These songs do not have any authentic or original version because regional and local influences over time have self-selected those variants that become preferred. […]

I don’t understand how anyone could grin all the time, but apparently she did …

I attended a memorial service yesterday for some one that I did not know.  It was perhaps the first time in my life that I had ever done so. My first touch of reality with this individual was an Avery County newspaper that I picked up on my way home for Christmas, at a gas […]

“Honk-a-lonk” if you love the Lord …

I have always enjoyed Canada Geese at a distance. Riding in the back seat of our car and seeing them fly over in formation as if they were on a secret military mission was a common childhood experience. Until … Several years ago, my folks gave my wife and I annual passes to the Biltmore […]

Our favorite restaurant in western North Carolina …

Our favorite place to eat is Houck’s kitchen, and for our house guests in Winston-Salem that have had the experience … they universally agree.  I love to cook; it satisfies my creative need … plus, there is no greater compliment to pay anyone than to prepare a meal for them.  We are told often by our dinner […]

Pathway to pain … the North Carolina cyclo-cross racing series

Cyclo-cross has become very popular in North Carolina as the fall and winter competitive cycling activity.  Winston-Salem has become a leading city for promotion with a competitive series with many events –  until recently, every Tuesday night at the Dixie Classic Fairground in Winston-Salem, and culminating with the state championships and three January, 2012 races.  Points […]

High priced chicken …

Darlene Hobbs, of Lancaster, SC, polishes the beak of her Brahma chicken, not her Brahma bull.  She reports that she spends hours getting her fowl ready for show which includes polishing their beaks, legs, and feathers.  Darlene travels to over a dozen shows a year, “because I just love it.” Fowl fanciers flocked to Forsyth […]

Got them collard greens …

“Headed Home” It is the day before Thanksgiving, and if you are buying your collard greens today, you are a last-minute shopper. Aficionados of this fine early winter vegetable prefer they slow cook with a fist-sized piece of ham hock, producing tender greens plus the bonus of the pot likker — the broth left in […]

Date night in Asheville …

Location: Swannanoa Citco ….Time: 10:30 p.m. ….Temperature: 51 degrees …. Humidity: Raining …. Transportation: Moped …. Driver: Presumed boyfriend …. Intended purchase: Unknown

For window washers scared of heights ….

I would have never guessed that window washing 4 stories up was possible from the ground … but  it is.  This building, designed by architect J.C. Woodall, is at the corner of 1st and Cherry Street in Winston-Salem, NC.

“Choose and cut” becomes “choose and slaughter …”

Agriculture tourism has taken a new turn at the holiday season when the traditional expedition to the mountains has been to choose and cut your own Christmas tree.  Enterprising turkey farmers in North Carolina are now promoting the opportunity at Thanksgiving time where one chooses and slaughters their own turkey. I wonder what will be […]

Preserve Forsyth County Photography Competition 2011

A photography competition organized by the non-profit “Preserve Historic Forsyth” to document modernist architecture in Forsyth County, NC.  This album contains the winning photograph, honorable mentions, and others submitted by the photographer.

Doc Watson makes one of his last life-time appearances ….

At the age off 88, legendary North Carolinian and seven-time Grammy Award winning guitarist, songwriter, and singer Doc Watson performed at the Aycock Auditorium at the University of North Carolina (Greensboro)  on September 17, 2011.  Joined on stage by his long-time accompanists David Holt and T. Michael Coleman, Doc and his friends played to a nearly full house. […]

Only three more weeks left for helping to save the good stuff, with an appeal to all the five senses ……

Balanced comfortably on the Eastern Continental Divide  between Blowing Rock, NC and Mt. Mitchell is a 100+ year-old vintage apple orchard which has become a  destination for thousands of visitors and also a cultural icon for the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The Orchard at Altapass has its apple flavor but the magic of this mountain surprise […]

Dixie Classic Fair celebrates 129 years of tradition … where everyone’s a hero

Since 1882, farmers, homemakers, and families have been plowing the isles of the entertainment and paddocks of family agriculture and livestock to celebrate the fall cornucopia of Piedmont North Carolina.  Originally held downtown in the Brown’s Tobacco Warehouse at Main and Fifth Streets, the Fair was once known as the Piedmont Tobacco Fair to coincide with the […]

We need a flag …

“We need a flag!  We have never had a flag!”, so declared a Veteran and trustee member of the William G. White YMCA board of trustees in Winston-Salem, NC.  And now they do with all the pomp and circumstance appropriately provided. January 8, 2011.