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Cotton Tale: Century Industry, Century Farm, Century Family

Cotton Tale is an industry, farm, and family documentary headlining the changes in cotton production and agribusiness during the last 60 years.  The narrative vehicle for this documentary is the voice of the “last-one-standing” patriarch of a four generation farm family living in the Four Hole Swamp of low-country South Carolina.  Family members, multi-generational farm hands, and community […]

Cotton wagon ….

Only sixty years ago, cotton from the field was pulled to the gin in a wagon with wire screen sides.  Today, the “boll buggy” dumps its load into a “module builder” which presses out a loaf of cotton that is hauled to the gin by a 16 wheeler.  An image from our  documentary project, “Cotton […]

Peanuts …

  40,000 pounds from 10 acres … These peanuts were grown as seed stock for their high oleic and omega-3 fatty acid content which pragmatically doubles the peanuts’ shelf-life.  Next comes weighing and grading in Cameron, S.C., shipping to  a processor in Virginia where they will be treated with a fungicide and insecticide, loading into […]