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Pre-Dawn Arrivals: Lake Logan Triathlon

During the first weekend of August 2014, over 900 athletes arrived before the sun came up at the Lake Logan Episcopal Center in Western North Carolina to be cheered by family and friends.  This event has grown substantially, particularly this year with the addition of the Lake Logan Half.  In this event, contestants swim 1.2 miles […]

No, I am not a winner … but you (an aspiring photographer) could be

I am not a winner, but an aspiring photographer who is trying to improve their game will be by spending time on this site. Lensculture and their judges, in announcing their winners – age 18 to 69 – explain in detail why they identified these photographer artists as “emerging talent”- what a bonus! Reviewing their comments and […]

Dilemma on Interstate 40 … Milepost 170 … westbound

To leave or retrieve … This piece of mowing equipment has been abandoned since after Christmas – impaled on an interstate guardrail and locked in place by the forces of gravity.