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Harvest time …

  Once peanuts are dug from the ground, they are  left in the field to dry before being combined (peanuts separated from the dug plant), graded, and prepared for market. Optimal conditions are when the peanuts sun-dry for a few days on top of the ground. This reduces the need and duration of mechanical drying with forced hot […]

Cotton mom …

Cotton  Mom … a still from our documentary-in-progress, Cotton Tale …. Cotton Tale is a century family, farm, and industry documentary headlining the changes in cotton production in the last 60 years.  The narrative vehicle for this documentary is the voice of the “last-one-standing” patriarch of a four generation farm family living in the Four Hole Swamp area of […]

Cotton wagon ….

Only sixty years ago, cotton from the field was pulled to the gin in a wagon with wire screen sides.  Today, the “boll buggy” dumps its load into a “module builder” which presses out a loaf of cotton that is hauled to the gin by a 16 wheeler.  An image from our  documentary project, “Cotton […]