The Organics: Heart and Hands Tumbling Shoals Farm Family

Tumbling Shoals Farm Family – composited image l – r: Jason Roehrig, Shiloh Avery, Sata Bongoy, Jacklyn Behringer, Nicole Belasco, Mallory Diesterhafte, Cameron Jones, and Tully

Jason Roehrig and Shiloh Avery, both veterans of the Peace Corps, created Tumbling Shoals Farm (2007) in Wilkes County (North Carolina).  A family farming experience was common to both as a children.  A detailed business plan which was three years in the making gave them the courage to know they were ready to farm.  They farm with integrity because of a high sense  of responsibility to their customers and their families – only the best will do!  They are not risk averse but attribute their success to careful planning which yields a greater sense of control of the volatile farm environment.  Their independent spirit is nurtured by the seasonal promise of renewal and an optimism for success.  Tumbling Shoals Farm is USDA Certified Organic.

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