The Organics: Heart and Hands – “MicroPRESS – Volume I”

The new hand sewn  “MicroPRESS – Volume I” of The Organics: Heart and Hands has just been published! Printed with archival inks on archival paper, this signed, and numbered, limited edition of 50  photo books is now available.

The Organics is a long-term project designed to capture the living spirit of sustainable agriculture growers’ hearts and of their connected hands which serve as instruments of cultivation and harvest.

“MicroPRESS Volume I” is a smaller representation of a much larger body of work being presented as a photography exhibition.

Featured farmers and farms in this volume are Kyle Montgomery, Ashley Pully, Jeff Seibel, Isaac Oliver, Brandon McGinnity, Kevin Oliver, Cynthia Glasscoe, Kate Schumacher, Jennifer Matler, Cheryl Ferguson and Ray Tuegel.  Farms represented are Harmony Ridge Farms, Plum Granny Farm, and The Billy Place Farm.

The book is available for purchase.



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