NC DOT Disaster, Behind the Scene



The planning and execution of the photograph on the right took over two years to complete.  I was aware of this local geological defect for some time and the stories related by the owners about the “first flood” were astounding.  Their early conversations with DOT were not confrontational or demanding; however, they would have preferred having their ditch filled in and the causing factor relieved.

In 2014, the NCDOT advertised and issued a contract for the construction of a run-off swell at a cost of over $125,000 on their right-away.

The ditch still remains.

This photograph on the right is a long exposure panorama consisting of seven individual portrait orientation views. They were exposed only when traffic was approaching to get the streaking tail lights and headlights.   The supplemental lighting of the “canyon” was executed with 4 fixed LED fixtures and two remote controlled flash units – Profoto Pro-B’s. The photograph on the left is taken using a GoPro set for still imagery on an unmanned aircraft system unit.

The compensated “farmer model” is a plumber for our new home near Blowing Rock.

The image is still on view at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts as part of the Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition thru June 6.


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