Linda Baker paints with a full palette of ability and compassion


This is a “personal advocacy documentary” featuring Linda Baker, a faculty participating artist / instructor at the Kanuga Watermedia Workshops in Hendersonville, NC. It was produced in a format to instill “timelessness” and of a duration that most viewers would wish to experience from beginning to end.

As a professional watercolor artist, Linda is intrigued by the gentle translucence of nature. She considers her work to be a contemporary approach to traditional subject matter. Striving to simplify the complicated while seeing the unique in the ordinary, she captures the essence of gentle scenes with harmonious strokes.

Linda has achieved the highest level of professional recognition as a signature artist of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society.

One Response to “Linda Baker paints with a full palette of ability and compassion”

  1. Lynn Nordt says:

    Houck, I feel so honored to view this and be a part of it. How you were able to capture Linda’s essence in such a short time is magic.

    After watching this twice, remember all the teaching and the special people the class consisted of, I’m ready to sprint to the studio filled with joy and hope.

    Thank you. lynn

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