The Jelly Lady on 221

“With Floyd gone, this feels more like home than anywhere I could be.”

This November, Barbara Gragg will have run the jelly stand for 59 years.  Fifty-five of those years were with her husband, Floyd, whom I first became acquainted with years ago when I would see him playing his banjo at the jelly stand to draw in and entertain tourists.  “Floyd passed away 4 years ago,” Barbara says. “I used to play the guitar.  But since Floyd died, I don’t anymore.”

Floyd Gragg

“Mr. (Hugh)  Morton (owner of Grandfather Mountain) would come by almost every day to check on us.”  And with reason, as there has been a long-standing relationship between the Gragg  and Morton families.  Floyd’s granddad ran the toll booth on the Yonahlossee Turnpike, which is the present-day U.S. 221.  The Turnpike, connecting Blowing Rock with the Linville, was built and owned by Mr. Morton’s granddad, Mr. Hugh McRae.

From the “Hugh Morton Collection of Photographs and Films, UNC University Libraries”

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