Farm, Family, and Cotton

Houck Family Plot

When my mother passed away in 2012, she wanted to be “taken home” and buried in the Houck Family plot of the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Cameron, S.C.

Mildred “Mib” Houck – age 12, from a cotton bale

The cemetery is on the edge of a field, and depending on the year of crop rotation, the field could either be in cotton, peanuts, or soy beans.  This year it was cotton.  It was also cotton a few years ago when we first began to photograph and collect images for what became our book “Going Home to Cotton” and our documentary, “Cotton Tale”.

My mom, “Mildred ‘Mib’ Houck” was raised on the Houck Farm when the predominant crop WAS cotton.

When I visited her grave last month and took this photograph, I for the first time indeed felt that she “was home”.  Rest In Peace, Mother.  I love you.

-Houck Medford


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