Cotton Tale: Century Industry, Century Farm, Century Family

Cotton Tale is an industry, farm, and family documentary headlining the changes in cotton production and agribusiness during the last 60 years.  The narrative vehicle for this documentary is the voice of the “last-one-standing” patriarch of a four generation farm family living in the Four Hole Swamp of low-country South Carolina.  Family members, multi-generational farm hands, and community testify to the  family’s farming heritage and deep-seated values of faith, succession, and family pride.  Also prominent in the story is the family’s loyalty to John Deere, a manufacturer of farming equipment since 1837.

Cotton Tale is produced in three forms:

1) A photography exhibition

2) A book,  Coming Home to Cotton

3) A multimedia long form documentary  – view trailer


12 Responses to “Cotton Tale: Century Industry, Century Farm, Century Family”

  1. Bob Henard says:

    OMG Houck – What next? From the BRP to the SC lowlands.

  2. Very interesting project, looking forward to discussing

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  6. Caperton Morton says:

    Your filming techniques used in the trailer present life on the farm in a thoughtful and artful manner. I look forward to seeing the finished doc, Houck.

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  9. […] Josh Riley of Cameron, S.C. manages a repair service for farm equipment.  Now is the height of the cotton picking season in the Four Hole Swamp area of Low Country S.C.  Image from the Cotton Chronicle: A Century Family, Farm, and Industry. […]

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