A child of Jesus and Clemson University … and on Cameron, S.C.

Clemson Fan

The “50 yard-line pew” of the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cameron, S.C.

In the low country of South Carolina, the rivalry between Clemson University and the University of South Carolina is played out daily in people’s lives, which may also include the church with it’s blessing.  In the small town of Cameron, S.C. there is a very strong sense of family and Christian values.

My mother was born in Cameron in 1927 and lived there until 1949 when she married and moved away with my dad to Waynesville, N.C. to have me.   By coming back to Cameron now to visit  after she passed away a year ago, I am just understanding how she became prepared for being the great and good mother that she was.

Reverend Wade Roof of the Resurrection Lutheran Church says of this community, “Cameron is like no place I have ever seen in my entire life … a place where families still exist in very traditional ways.  It is safe for kids to play here; it is an atmosphere that you want to raise your kids in, and it is also a community you don’t want to leave.”

I agree.


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