Cotton Tale (in progress)

Cotton Tale: Century Industry, Century Farm, Century Family

Cotton Tale is an industry, farm, and family documentary headlining the changes in cotton production and agribusiness during the last 60 years.  The narrative vehicle for this documentary is the voice of the “last-one-standing” patriarch of a four generation farm family living in the Four Hole Swamp of low-country South Carolina.  Family members, multi-generational farm hands, and community […]

A significant event and image from my life …

My mother was the only patient in the ICU of Haywood County Regional Medical Center on Wednesday evening, May 9, 2012.  The Unit was eerily quiet, absent of the usual beeping cadence of  monitors, and that of my mother’s – her monitor and I.V.’s disconnected a few hours before.  The sole light burning was the one over the nurses station which […]

Cotton friends … Messrs. Bates Houck, John Deere, and Kitty Lucky

Three fine friends, uniquely dependent upon on each other … Bates Houck, patriarch for Houck Farms; the John Deere 7660 cotton harvester; and the assuredly “fixed” farm kitty “Lucky” who was not seen in the photograph until after the fact.  His sneek-in presence is so true to his behavior and personality.  This image is part […]

South Carolina staples … cotton and pecans

 It is very unusual to find a solitary tree in ANY cotton field because of the disruption that a tree like this brings to a six row planter, sprayer, and harvester.  Image from the Cotton Chronicle: Century Family, Farm, and Industry collection.