NC DOT Disaster at Deep Gap

In 2003, the widening of US Highway 421 from Winston-Salem to Boone and it’s realignment with the Blue Ridge Parkway at Deep Gap was completed. NC DOT, unfortunately, did not make adequate allowances for managing the water runoff at the highway’s boundary intersection with Critcher Farms. Over the last 10 years and even until today, […]

NC DOT Disaster, Behind the Scene

  The planning and execution of the photograph on the right took over two years to complete.  I was aware of this local geological defect for some time and the stories related by the owners about the “first flood” were astounding.  Their early conversations with DOT were not confrontational or demanding; however, they would have […]

Ron Fay, weathered sheep herder lives his creed …

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this herder from the completion of his appointed rounds” … adapted  from USPS.  Ron Fay, who with his wife Ann, created the Rising Meadow Farm in Randolph, County, NC over 20 years ago and donated a conservation easement to the Piedmont Land Conservancy to prohibit forever the building of a […]

For Kevin Ford, a sheep shear day …

  Yes, there is an international sheep shearing contest, and the retro category that attracts the most spectators is the non-motorized blade shear category that pits man with two pieces of blade steel against beast.  One doesn’t have to go to Ireland or New Zealand to witness first hand but up-close and close to home in Randolph […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Edgecombe County, NC – 2011 For all of our friends and acquaintances and for our friends and acquaintances that we have not met yet – Happy Thanksgiving 2014. Houck and K.B. Medford    

Collard Art

  An uncommon site in the Southern Appalachians is a well-organized garden tool rack … and the excellent calibre of field collard greens found in this garden is testimony to a great gardener! We need to meet!

Fall is chicken stew time …

  When the weather begins to turn cold, stomachs churn for the warmth of soul soups and stews from derivatives of harvest. Chickens apply here – harvest doesn’t have to be vegetables.  The “make-ready” step of gathering the chickens is traditional for this family in Piedmont North Carolina.  If the chicken source is not Harris Teeter, Food […]

Photolucida competition finalist … but not Top 50

In August of 2014, I was notified of being selected one of the Top 200 Finalists in the internationally recognized photography advocacy organization, Photolucida, and their  Critical Mass Photography Competition. I was and still am deeply honored. Being the superstitious person that I am (I read my horoscope daily while I am looking over my shoulder), I […]

The Butter Bean … a new farm venture

  One of my strong remembrances about growing up was eating hand-picked, hand-shelled, home-cooked butter beans. In those days, there were no efficient mechanical harvesters so their fine delicacy reputation was bred into their preparation … much like a blackberry pie tasting it’s best when the berries are hand-picked – by the one doing the eat’in! Southern […]

Harvest time …

  Once peanuts are dug from the ground, they are  left in the field to dry before being combined (peanuts separated from the dug plant), graded, and prepared for market. Optimal conditions are when the peanuts sun-dry for a few days on top of the ground. This reduces the need and duration of mechanical drying with forced hot […]

The Carolina’s battle that changed the course of the Revolutionary War …

Each year, Revolutionary War re-enactors  march from Abingdon, Virginia and Elkin, NC to commemorate the march of the frontier patriots over the Appalachian Mountains to defeat the Loyalist army at the Battle of King’s Mountain (S.C.).  A portrayal and interpretation site is at the Bright’s Cemetery on the Unimin Quarry property in Avery County (near Spruce Pine, […]

World Triathlon Championships … The Story in Front of the Images

  3,000 athletes from 73 countries participated the recent World Triathlon championships in Alberta, Canada … my wife was one, finishing in the top 10 in her age group, and my reason for attending the event as her domestique. A sense of wonder prevailed in all the venues and served as a testimony to the […]

More Joy Welcomed in N.Y. Times Pictures of the Day

The N.Y. Times Pictures of the Day are a dependable source of inspiration for photographers.  They trend with the news which is currently resplendent with grief and pain from locations like the Ukraine, Iraq, and Ferguson, Missouri. The images have become repetitive with bombed out buildings, makeshift coffins carried by wailing families, and of soldiers being beaten or […]

Pre-Dawn Arrivals: Lake Logan Triathlon

During the first weekend of August 2014, over 900 athletes arrived before the sun came up at the Lake Logan Episcopal Center in Western North Carolina to be cheered by family and friends.  This event has grown substantially, particularly this year with the addition of the Lake Logan Half.  In this event, contestants swim 1.2 miles […]

No, I am not a winner … but you (an aspiring photographer) could be

I am not a winner, but an aspiring photographer who is trying to improve their game will be by spending time on this site. Lensculture and their judges, in announcing their winners – age 18 to 69 – explain in detail why they identified these photographer artists as “emerging talent”- what a bonus! Reviewing their comments and […]

Story Behind the Image: “Drive By Shooting”

Story behind the Image:  Let me say that when this image was first published, one of my dear friends voluntarily suggested a caption that hit the mark and demonstrated his knowledge of how  images like this might be produced.  I was “okay” with it as I knew that my deceased parents would be, too.  They knew Tim. When Mother […]

“One More!” … at the ‘Ultimate Runner’ competition

Race official, Perry Macheras, informs competition runner, Heather Hugosson, that she has one more lap to run in The Mile component of her race. The Ultimate Runner which is unlike any other running competition in the United States as we know it was the brainchild of Sandy Wetherhold who 28 years ago devised a competition in […]

A significant event and image from my life …

My mother was the only patient in the ICU of Haywood County Regional Medical Center on Wednesday evening, May 9, 2012.  The Unit was eerily quiet, absent of the usual beeping cadence of  monitors, and that of my mother’s – her monitor and I.V.’s disconnected a few hours before.  The sole light burning was the one over the nurses station which […]

World’s leading early career photographers and their websites ….

 One of the most prestigious photography festivals in the world ( the Look3 Photography Festival in Charlottesville, VA) has identified their early career leading photographers, and their websites.  What a treat to peruse on a rainy day when you might be seeking some inspiration!   Mark Abramson, USA  |  Alex Arbuckle, USA  |   Evgenia Arbugaeva, Russia  |  Rosanna Bach, USA  […]

Twelve faces of pain from the 2014 Winston-Salem Cycling Classic

The purpose of this small documentary project was to capture the facial expressions of a sample group of riders as reflected in their level of physical exertion.  We chose twelve, but one we photographed has a countenance that is complacent and poised — see if you can find her. Athletes drew from the depths of their physical prowess (and cycling skills) […]

Cinemagraph … Winston-Salem Light Project “Artery”

A favorite project of ours in Winston-Salem is soon to end – 2014’s Winston-Salem Light Project – named “The Artery.” The scene (literally in front of our home on Factory Row) is the Winston-Salem Strollway where industrious and innovative faculty (Norman Coates and others) and students from the UNC School of the Arts have converted […]

“Chimney Swifts” wins Cape Fear New Music Festival Competition

Our image “Chimney Swifts” won the Cape Fear New Music Festival competition at Methodist University where the photographer was challenged to produce select great images which matched musical movements composed by the festival’s guest artists.  This year’s festival, now in it’s second year, was to focus on the interaction between the visual arts and music.   […]

Interstate mirror tree …

I noticed some time ago during my weekly trip to Durham what appeared to be a mirror in a tree.  Today, the weather was good enough to stop, inspect, and photograph. Someone had in the past lodged a round truck mirror in the split of a growing tree and now it is permanently captured.  The […]

“Swamp Man” Bruce Beerbower …

  Bruce Beerbower on the Stephen Foster State Park boardwalk in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Digging fox holes and playing with “army men” is a commonality among guy-kids who live the rest of their lives connected to nature.  Such is the case with Hickory, NC’s Bruce Beerbower who grew up in the mountains of […]