Goodbye Nikon!

I have decided to say “Goodbye to Nikon.” I am unhappy with their product line and for those that are thinking about turning the corner to a more professional product; I am sharing my experiences. First, I am a documentarian and have a need for shooting both motion and stills to satisfy my needs as […]

Farm, Family, and Cotton

When my mother passed away in 2012, she wanted to be “taken home” and buried in the Houck Family plot of the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery in Cameron, S.C. The cemetery is on the edge of a field, and depending on the year of crop rotation, the field could either be in cotton, peanuts, or soy […]

A Real Newspaper Man – Craddock Morris

Craddock Morris, Sr. has always been a newspaper man; he has known no other life since he joined his father’s Calhoun Times (St. Matthews, South Carolina,  Calhoun County) at the age of 23 in 1955 to make it a two man paper.  Morris graduated from Citadel College in 1950 and fulfilled his obligatory military service […]

The Jelly Lady on 221

This November, Barbara Gragg will have run the jelly stand for 59 years.  Fifty-five of those years were with her husband, Floyd, whom I first became acquainted with years ago when I would see him playing his banjo at the jelly stand to draw in and entertain tourists.  “Floyd passed away 4 years ago,” Barbara […]

The Gift of the Unexpected Gift

One afternoon this week, I opened the front door of our 1800’s log home (our previous full time residence) in Old Salem and to my surprise found an arranged bouquet of freshly cut zinnia’s on our granite front steps. Totally unexpected, no predisposing circumstances or situation to our knowledge which would have precipitated such a […]

I have a love affair with country ham and the guy who wraps it

I have a love affair with country ham and THE guy who wraps it. It is no secret that one of my favorite destinations of all times is Ronnie’s Country Store in Winston-Salem, N.C.  When I moved to town in the late 70’s, the store was known as “W.G. White and Company” – founded in […]

“And over there” …. Successful Farmers are Entrepreneurs

Since I have been documenting organic farmers and farming, I have been searching for and cataloguing common denominators that characterize this special breed of growers. I had the opportunity this week to visit with Cheryl Ferguson and Ray Tuegel, owners of Plum Granny Farm. In only a moment of a conversation, Cheryl exclaimed “And over […]

I couldn’t pay my Duke Energy bill with these. What would they care?

Deconstructing a childhood stamp collection … An emotional journey to the past When my mom and dad passed away in 2012 and 2013 respectfully, the task of “cleaning out” and “settling up” HOME in Waynesville, NC became forefront in my and my sister’s lives.’ My tangible personal connections to HOME changed when I moved out […]

The Elusive Artist Statement

For the convenience of those readers who struggle with the metaphorical language of other artists when they write statements requiring a close-read i.e word-for-word’, then pause, then again, read word-for-word; I have tried to make it easy. Simply, this is “Who I Am”. Enjoy! Here is another great example, one for Mary Presson Roberts, an […]

Would You Believe that this was a Bicycle Event?

Cycling and food have always had a connection. Food is what cyclists devour after a long ride. Now in a unique arrangement,  a new reason to ride is to dine at a one-of-a-kind of bicycle event created by a one-of-a-kind cyclist and chef, Keith Gardiner.  Keith is an instructor / chef in the Culinary Arts Program at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, NC.  “I […]

This moment changed our lives forever

A long day of marshalling for the USA Cycling National Championships with nearly 1,000 individual riders competing in the championship time trials had come to an end.  We had escorted  the last two para-cyclists and they had crossed the finish line; NC DOT had removed all the lane cones and were in the process of dismantling all […]

Red Maple Helicopters

After a life time of being fascinated by these seed pods of our native red maples, I have never been sure whether I liked them or hated them.  The seeds always foiled the broom whisks which were never able to herd them 100%; or the leaf blower which added more chaos to any effort of spring tidiness. […]

Premier Southern Juried Exhibition Announced for September

Since 2003, fine art photographers and photography lovers from across the United States gather in Pike County, Georgia for SlowExposures. It’s the annual juried exhibition that celebrates the rural American South—in the rural South. Call for entries is now open.

The Organics: Heart and Hands Cheryl and Ray

This profile is a seminal component of a major work portfolio head lighting organic farmers whose hands are as expressive as their faces, and whose hearts have lead them to a proactive life of caring for the earth and others. “Growing up on the farm, I really never saw myself coming back and making a life here […]

The Organics: Heart and Hands Isaac Oliver

  We had a family garden when I was growing up in Alabama, and my dad gave me the responsibility of taking care of the beans. I really enjoyed that experience – a real sense of pride that has stayed with me. What impacted me the most was one day when I was working construction […]

The Organics: Heart and Hands Jennifer Mantler

  Jennifer Mantler lives what this photo essay  project is all about … Jennifer, like so many other college students that we have encountered, had periods of disillusionment during the college years of her life.  Unfulfilled expectations and conflicting messages generated by a choice of  study majors, in Jennifer’s case – environmental science and political science – […]

The Troybilt made me do it …

Cynthia Glasscoe enjoys telling the story of her dad’s Troybilt tiller which changed her life. “It has been in my barn forever as a a gentle reminder of when he was alive and instilled in me his passion for gardening and farming.” This image is the newest addition to the Organics: Heart and Hands series.

SlowExposures Juried Exhibition – personal, casual, congenial

The 13th edition of one of the South’s favorite photo exhibitions this past weekend (September 17-20, 2015) was by all accounts one of the luckiest. With 900 images submitted from all across the country,  jurors Jerry Atnip and John A. Bennette  distilled the finalists to 75.   Photographers and the public were treated to a […]

The Organics: Heart and Hands Bob Alsup

This profile is a seminal component of a major work portfolio head lighting organic farmers whose hands are as expressive as their faces, and whose hearts have lead them to a proactive life of caring for the earth and others. From surgeon to farmer … Since coming back to Winston-Salem to begin practice in 1979, Bob Alsup […]

Graveside flowers of a cotton farmer’s wife …

August 19, 2015 … What one might expect, of course, the corporate “green and yellow” floral arrangement from the local John Deere dealership … Cotton harvest season is October;  cotton bolls in two of the arrangements.

The Organics: Heart and Hands Kate Schumacher

  Kate Schumacher has lived her whole life in the South, and as she tells it, “rural spaces have been a part of my entire existence.”  A college education and a few months into graduate school put her into a panic when she finally figured out that  she wasn’t living a meaningful existence.   Career […]

Free Range to Oven Range … exhibition finalist

  I am honored and excited to share with others that my image “Free Range to Oven Range” has been selected as an exhibition finalist in the photography exhibition and event, SlowExposures. For Southern photographers, this is a prestigious event and I am honored to have my work chosen and exhibited. SlowExposures is a unique […]

The Organics: Heart and Hands Cynthia Glasscoe

This profile is a seminal component of a major work portfolio head lighting organic farmers whose hands are as expressive as their faces, and whose hearts have lead them to a proactive life of caring for the earth and others. Cynthia Glasscoe reclaimed a 106 acre farm that was purchased by her father in 1944 and became a […]

Cotton Tale: Century Industry, Century Farm, Century Family

Cotton Tale is an industry, farm, and family documentary headlining the changes in cotton production and agribusiness during the last 60 years.  The narrative vehicle for this documentary is the voice of the “last-one-standing” patriarch of a four generation farm family living in the Four Hole Swamp of low-country South Carolina.  Family members, multi-generational farm hands, and community […]