A bidding war on a real cotton mom’s wedding dress …

Wedding Dress-7

When I was growing up, there was a box that I was never allowed to open.  I knew it to be my mom’s wedding dress and that was pretty much that … until now.

My mom passed away in May of 2012, and her instructions to my sister and I in the last days of her life were to “take me home,” with home being where she grew up as a child on a cotton farm  in Cameron, South Carolina.  Our cotton mom is interred in Cameron’s Resurrection Lutheran Church Mt. Lebanon Cemetery.  The cemetery  is actually in a cotton field.

Our reconnection to her family is the basis for the documentary in production,  Cotton Tale.

So now as this life chapter draws to a close, our mom’s dress is now on eBay in a bidding war, we know someone will get an extra bit of history to go along with it.


Bates Houck
Wedding Dress-2
Wedding Dress-3
Wedding Dress-4
Wedding Dress-6
Wedding Dress-7

Resurrection Lutheran Church - Mt. Lebanon Cemetery

Mildred Houck Medford 1926 - 2012


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