Would You Believe that this was a Bicycle Event?


Superchef Chris Smith (front center) leads his success team for this event

Cycling and food have always had a connection. Food is what cyclists devour after a long ride.

Now in a unique arrangement,  a new reason to ride is to dine at a one-of-a-kind of bicycle event created by a one-of-a-kind cyclist and chef, Keith Gardiner.  Keith is an instructor / chef in the Culinary Arts Program at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, NC.  “I have always wanted to do this – where cyclists sit down and ARE SERVED a prepared meal by some of North Carolina’s greatest chefs.

The inaugural event raised over $4, 000 to:

-help educate children and families in understanding proper nutrition (Chef and Child – a program of the American Culinary Foundation)

– stock a food pantry, a flagship beneficiary of the Popular Ridge Friends Meeting, to support a backpack program that enables them to send a backpack filled with food home for children over the weekend.
Tour de Chef

-utilize the creativity and culinary expertise of chefs to help schools to ensure that America’s youngest generation grows up healthy (Chefs Move to Schools – a special initiative of the American Culinary Foundation)

-to support culinary scholarships for students in the Culinary Arts Program at Guildford Technician Community College

David Mercadante, senior pastor of the Popular Ridge Friends Meeting, whose church was the host for the the venue, had this to say:  “This is one of the best events we have ever participated in.”

The Tour de Chef is always the 4th Saturday in September.

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