A Real Newspaper Man – Craddock Morris

E. Craddock Morris, Sr.

Craddock Morris, Sr. has always been a newspaper man; he has known no other life since he joined his father’s Calhoun Times (St. Matthews, South Carolina,  Calhoun County) at the age of 23 in 1955 to make it a two man paper.  Morris graduated from Citadel College in 1950 and fulfilled his obligatory military service in Japan with the U.S. Army.  He joined his dad at the Times the day after he was discharged.

Craddock, Sr. enjoyed a rich life with a lovely and devoted wife – Trisha – for 63 years who passed away at the age of 84 in January, 2015.  His life is still rich – he is still writing for the paper because the community deserves such, and he believes, as I do, that there is third necessity for life beyond food and shelter, and that is a good story.

Edwin C. Morris, Jr.

Like grandfather, like father, like son – Ed Morris, Jr.  joined the paper in 1996 and has been there ever since.  The Calhoun Times – is still a two man paper “with a paid circulation of a little over a thousand and a handful extra for local businesses.”

– Houck Medford

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