2000 years of medicine in 18 feet ….

Dr. John D. McConnell and Nicholas B. Bragg

Dr. John D. McConnell, CEO of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, formally received the donation of the mural from North Carolina artist and humanitarian, Nicholas B. Bragg of Winston-Salem.  The original oil on panel, composed and painted by Mr. Bragg, was given to the Medical Center in honor of his wife, Nancy, on January 18, 2011. Its title is “Medicine on Our Planet.”

Mr. Bragg consulted over 30 references on medicine and its evolution to portray 50 symbolic icons from the history of medicine, beginning with the Babylonians, and finishing today with the three contemporary focuses of medical research – the human genome, the stem cell, and bioinformatics.

The composition took over a year to research and paint.  The mural hangs on the first floor of the Richard Janeway Tower at the Medical Center.

Mr. Bragg points out to us that we can expect the next 50 years in medicine will be more exciting than the last 500.  This mural suggest that will be the case.

Listen to Dr. McConnell’s remarks (Two minutes).

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